Elections Committee

The Elections Committee consists of at least six Senate members, no two of whom shall be from any one college, school, or division. The committee conducts elections for members-at-large of the Academic Senate, as provided in Article IV, Section 2 of the by-laws; and certifies the election of college, school, and division representatives, as provided in Article V, Section 2. The committee also conducts elections which take place at Senate meetings.

In addition, it studies and report annually upon the apportionment of representation among the various schools, colleges, and divisions and makes recommendations thereon to the Policy Committee. It maintains primary liaison with the Senate President who is the Policy Committee liaison to the Elections Committee.



Christine Knapp: christine.knapp@wayne.edu, 313-577-3002


Pynthia Caffee: ae5396@wayne.edu, 7-3150

Damecia Donahue: ea2835@wayne.edu, 7-0400

Rachel Pawlowski: fg6313@wayne.edu, 7-9177

Wassim Tarraf: wassim.tarraf@wayne.edu, 313-875-4312


Linda Beale, Policy Committee, lbeale@wayne.edu, 313-577-3941




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