Curriculum and Instruction Committee

This committee concerns itself with academic policies, programs,and practices which affect the University as a whole. These concerns may extend to the internal affairs of colleges, schools, divisions, and other units of the University if they significantly affect the interests of other units or of the University as a whole. In particular, it is concerned with new instructional programs, curtailment of instructional programs, admissions policy, registration policy, calendar policy, and all other questions concerning curriculum and instruction, including budgetary requirements and budgetary effects of policy changes. It presents a responsible cost-analysis for any policy changes which it recommends to the Senate. The committee maintains primary liaison with the appropriate executive officer designated by the President.

This committee is one of several Senate committees asked to review proposals for new centers or institutes. The committee has discussed international student exchange programs and the University's English Proficiency Exam. A particular concern with the EPE was the importance of insuring a uniform set of options and standards for its administration.



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