Research Committee

The Research Committee is concerned with the character of research operations at the University. The committee serves as the major committee responsible for the review of center/institute proposals. The committee is also concerned with a variety of issues and problems that affect the faculty's ability to support and carry out their research programs.

A major task of the committee each year is the establishment of subcommittees to review the many proposals which are submitted each year to the Vice-President for Research for research assistance. Included are monthly small grant proposals for which the Research Committee provides the input.

In addition, the committee suggests nominees to review the annual proposals for summer research assistance and the Graduate Research Assistant and Research Equipment competition.

Duties and Responsibilities

This committee concerns itself with new research programs, curtailment of research programs, encouragement of research, the relation between the research function of the University and its other functions, and all other questions concerning research that involves the University at large. This includes budgetary requirements and budgetary effects of policy changes. It should present a responsible cost analysis for any policy changes which it recommends to the Senate. It should be available to the chief research officer of the University to give advice and to help in the implementation of programs in support of research. It maintains the primary liaison with the appropriate executive officer(s) designated by the President.



Noreen Rossi:, 313-745-7145


Tamara Bray:, 313-577-2935

Alan Dombkowski:, 313-745-6381

Andrew Fribley:, 313-577-8510

Wanda Gibson-Scipio:, 313-577-1936

Robert Harr:, 313-577-2677

Lance Heilbrun:, 313-576-8652

Arun Iyer:, 313-577-5875

Karen MacDonell:, 313-577-6996

Carol Miller:, 313-577-3790

Shirley Papuga:, 313-577-9436

Shane Perrine:, 313-577-9989

Krishna Rao Maddipati:, 313-577-2088

Ramzi Mohammed:, 313-577-8329

Robert Reynolds:, 313-577-0726

Joseph Roche:, 443-413-9494

Le Yi Wang:, 313-577-4715

Hossein Yarandi:, 313-577-9366


Noreen Rossi, AAUP-AFT:,313-745-7145

Paul Beavers, Policy Committee:, 313-577-2360

Terrence Monks, Administration:, 313-577-1716

Kamali Clora, Student Senate:


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