Faculty Affairs Committee

This committee deals with matters affecting the welfare of the faculty, principles governing relationships between administration and faculty, faculty rights, and faculty participation in governance. It maintains primary liaison with the appropriate executive officer designated by the President.

This committee deals with, except in those matters subject to collective bargaining, policies affecting faculty rights and responsibilities, faculty welfare, and generally accepted principles of academic freedom and tenure.



Bo Shen: boshen@wayne.edu, 313-577-5828


Poonam Arya: parya@wayne.edu, 313-577-1643

Nicole Audritsh: bv8083@wayne.edu

Stephen Chrisomalis: chrisomalis@wayne.edu, 313-577-9922

Marisa Henderson: hendersonm@wayne.edu, 313-577-2589

Christine Jackson: jackson2@wayne.edu, 313-577-6275 

Satinder Kaur: skaur@med.wayne.edu

Shelly Jo Kraft, kraft@wayne.edu, 313-577-7587

Georgia Michalopoulou: gmichalo@med.wayne.edu, 313-745-4491

Elizabeth Stoycheff: elizabeth.stoycheff@wayne.edu, 313-577-2943

Scott Tainsky: tainsky@wayne.edu, 313-577-4842

Ellen Tisdale: etisdale@med.wayne.edu, 313-577-1007



Linda Beale, Policy Committee: lbeale@wayne.edu, 313-577-3941

Patricia McCormick, AAUP-AFT: patricia.mccormick2@wayne.edu, 313-577-4168

Boris Baltes, Administration: ae8920@wayne.edu, 313-577-2257

Sara Kacin, Administration: skacin@wayne.edu 

Huda Syed, Student Senate: huda.syed@wayne.edu

Karin Tarpenning, UPTF: ay5907@wayne.edu, 313-577-7997

Amanda Lewitt, GEOC: amanda.levitt@wayne.edu

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