Powers and Duties

The Academic Senate is the instrumentality by which the faculties of the University can express to the President of the University and the Board of Governors their considered opinion and judgments upon matters of educational policy affecting the University community. Although the privilege of direct communication by any member of the faculty is affirmed, this Senate is recognized as the official and major channel of communication on such matters between the faculties and this Board.

This Senate has authority and responsibility for the formulation and review of educational policy affecting the University as a whole; but this responsibility shall extend to the internal affairs of colleges, schools, divisions and other units of the University only where they significantly affect the interests of other units or the University as a whole.

The responsibility for the formulation and continuing review of educational policy shall give attention to the content and costs of academic programs together with those aspects of organization which have a substantive effect on the character of academic programs. The appropriate University officers, as designated by the President, shall work with the Academic Senate in the formulation of educational policy recommendations.

The Academic Senate shall, in particular, without limiting the generality of the foregoing, recommend to the President and the Board of Governors, except in those matters subject to collective bargaining, policies affecting faculty rights and responsibilities, faculty welfare, and generally accepted principles of academic freedom and tenure.

Academic Senate