UROP Subcommittee

This Subcommittee is established by the Academic Senate Policy Committee and comprised of a liaison from the Student Senate and representatives from the following Academic Senate committees:
Curriculum and Instruction, Student Affairs, Faculty Affairs and Research.
The Subcommittee is constituted to collaborate with Senior Associate Provost for Student Success Monica Brockmeyer on plans for the ongoing operation and expansion of the current Undergraduate Research Opportunity Program (UROP), with the aim of generating additional research opportunities for students. The Subcommittee, in dialogue with Dr. Brockmeyer and in consultation with such other administrators as it deems appropriate, shall make recommendations including, but not limited to: suggestions for funding increases and new funding sources; criteria for selection of funded projects; and eligibilty requirements for students. The Subcommittee shall keep minutes of its meetings, which will be shared with each of the represented committees, the Student Senate, and the Academic Senate Policy Committee. The Subcommittee shall share its conclusions with Dr. Brockmeyer and report its recommendations to the Policy Committee, ideally by the end of the Fall 2019 term.



Brad Roth, brad.roth@wayne.edu, 313-993-6983


Poonam Arya: parya@wayne.edu, 313-577-1643

Christine Chow: cchow@wayne.edu, 313-577-2594

Meghan Courtney: fq8785@wayne.edu, 313-577-0147

Donna Kashian: dkashian@wayne.edu, 313-577-8052

Patricia McCormick: dz7089@wayne.edu, 313-577-4168

Krysta Ryzewski: krysta.ryzewski@wayne.edu, 313-577-2935

Jennifer Wareham: jwareham@wayne.edu, 313-577-3286

Mazen Zamzam: mazen.zamzam@wayne.edu, 313-993-4217



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