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Student Affairs Committee

This committee deals with all matters concerning the relationship of students to the University except those which, because of their strictly academic nature, are within the province of the Curriculum and Instruction Committee. It serves as a liaison body between the Academic Senate and the Student Senate. It deals with policies concerning student activities, policies affecting student organizations, student-faculty relations, student responsibilities, support services for students, and all other matters concerning student welfare. Its deliberations include budgetary requirements and budgetary effects of policy changes. It presents a responsible cost analysis for any policy changes which it recommends to the Senate. The Student Affairs Committee maintains primary liaison with the appropriate executive officer designated by the President.



Naida Simon: n.simon@wayne.edu, 313-577-3157


Margit Chadwell: mchadwel@med.wayne.edu, 313-577-8867

Pamela Dale: pamela.dale@wayne.edu, 313-577-6765

Kelly Driscoll: kdriscoll@wayne.edu, 313-577-5364

Carolyn Herrington: ac9694@wayne.edu, 313-577-4133

Michael Horn: ai6738@wayne.edu, 313-577-4280

Barbara Jones: ab1146@wayne.edu 313-577-4967

Victoria Pardo: av6281@wayne.edu, 313-577-9166

Rachel Pawlowski: fg6313@wayne.edu, 313-577-9177

Jennifer Wareham: jwareham@wayne.edu, 313-577-9977

Robert Welch: rwelch@wayne.edu, 313-993-2534


Brad Roth, Policy Committee: brad.roth@wayne.edu, 313-577-6335

Deanna Cavanaugh, AAUP-AFT: ak5787@wayne.edu, 313-577-2501

David Strauss, Administration: david.strauss@wayne.edu, 313-577-1010

Kristina Curtiss, Student Senate: kcurtiss@wayne.edu

Jasmine Coles, Student Senate: jasmine.coles@wanye.edu

Graduate Council

mark wenzel, UPTF: af4741@wayne.edu, 313-577-6110


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