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Facilities, Support Services and Technology Committee

This committee shall concern itself with the physical facilities, support services and technology essential to the maintenance of quality academic programs.  It shall include policies and budgetary consideration in its domain.  It shall, in so much as possible, participate in the development of the Capital Outlay Budget Request which the University submits to the state government each year.  In any case, it shall report to the Senate its opinion concerning the priority listing of new capital projects and major renovation projects contained in the Capital Outlay Budget Request.  It shall maintain liaison with directors of appropriate divisions and with the faculty advising committees of these divisions where they exist.  It shall report to the Academic Senate on the state of physical facilities, support services and technology in the University and maintain primary liaison with the appropriate executive officer(s) designated by the President.

In previous years, the committee had four subcommittees working on different projects.  A major concern was the identification of specific academic computing needs, such as equipping small classrooms with computer hardware and software and projection equipment. Members also considered it important to enhance computer resources in a variety of areas, such as online registration and scheduling data. The committee held extended discussions with the manager of the Barnes and Noble Bookstore, and promoted an increased information exchange with the faculty.



Robert Reynolds: aa0057@wayne.edu, 313-577-0726


Timothy Bowman: timothy.d.bowman@wayne.edu, 313-577-3718

Stephen Calkins: calkins@wayne.edu. 313-577-2257

Jane Fitzgibbon: aa5782@wayne.edu, 313-577-6297

Moira Fracassa: aw9799@wayne.edu, 313-577-1716

Smiti Gupta: sgupta@wayne.edu, 313-577-2500

Kristen Kaszeta: kristen.kaszeta@wayne.edu, 313-577-6210

Fayetta Keys: bb3704@wayne.edu, 313-577-3154

Todd Leff: tleff@med.wayne.edu, 313-577-3006

Rayman Mohamed: rayman.mohamed@wayne.edu, 313-577-3356

S. Asli Ozgun-Koca, aokoca@wayne.edu, 313-577-0944

T.R. Reddy: trreddy@med.wayne.edu, 313-577-1310

Anne Rothe: au8313@wayne.edu, 313-577-3024

Jeffrey Withey: jwithey@med.wayne.edu, 313-577-1316


Nadia Simon, Policy Committee: n.simon@wayne.edu, 313-577-3157

Michael Samson, AAUP-AFT: ad4092@wayne.edu, 313-577-6184

Daren Hubbard, Administration: daren@wayne.edu, 313-577-9489

Harry Wyatt, Administration: gg5794@wayne.edu, 313-577-4301

Heba Elsayed, Student Senate: heba.elsayed@wayne.edu

Kimberly Conely, UPTF: kimberly.conely@wayne.edu, 313-577-2943


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